Monday, July 5, 2010


You would sometimes see her sitting at the desk wearing glasses showing her involvement in the daily routine stuff at the desk; sometimes sitting in the cafetaria eating boiled eggs trying to seperate the yolks telling all the people looking at her with curiousity that shes trying to lose weight; sometimes around the ticker desk asking them to teach her good urdu typing , by the reporters desk asking them to take ker along for LIVE HITS and how much she would have loved to be a reporter, and above all and all the time telling people that she used to get told off and made fun off by the babas (old men) at PTV when she would make pronounciation mistakes in urdu khabarnama as she had switched from english and how difficult it was for her in the beginning.

you would even sometimes see her coming out of the bathroom with swollen eyes or while others think that she has her head down because shes is working ; she might actually be trying to wipe her tears.

but then; whatever the case she comes out beautiful and as if nothing happenned we all love her say 'asalamalaikum ab tak ki aham khabron k sath ...mein hun Hira Pervaiz'.

Im definetly talking about Hira Pervaiz....a breath of fresh air on paki media. not only my view but a view of many out there i myself being a witness.

some of you may think that im her freind giving out all the information. the truth is that i have never ever even spoken to her . never conversed with her. but today after seeing all whats around me and the messy scandal that almost took away her life months back and still trying to do so, i could not help but making this blog.

Hira ,
I hope you get to read this. If you do read this please hear me out and several around you having the same view. whatever happenned, it wasnt your fault. dont let it change anything in your life. Wether the pictures were yours or fake it doesnt matter to us. All we know is that you are a great anchor. let people make all those blogs with 10000 pictures. let them get these chotee chotee khushiyan. let them get pleasure out of the thought that by writing indecent demeaning blow the belt remarks about you and the channel then can actually get you fired or finish your career off. let them think that they are blackmailing the channel.

Hira in my view the truth always prevails. I always thought that Samaa known for firing its employees known for its unfair treatment with the employees would never understand this matter. but after this incident, mine and many peoples perseption changed. Today I salute Samaa. I salute Samaa for understanding. I salute it for saving a persons life. I salute it for understanding the sick minds of other people and blackmailing attitude of some of its employees who left no stone unturned to finish a person off mentally and physically. for understanding the way women were responsible for exploiting the whole HIRA SCANDAL.

Hira I want to tell you that do not get swayed away by any blackmailing. it wont work. instead try to understand the mentality of women who have worked as receptionists in various hospitals picked up by sick sports men turning them into anchors. its not their fault either. they come from such backgrounds. do not feel bad by women calling you whores who have been caught kissing in the elevators themselves. women whose nude sex videos ppl have seen and enjoyed.

Please understand that there are still many ppl in samaa who love you very much and who support you.


WE ARE ALL WITH YOU....ALLAH IS WITH YOU...keep shining and make us all proud.

We salute SAMAA MANAGEMENT FOR UNDERSTANDING..........................